Crypto payments for PSP's

Integrate the CryptoMatix crypto payment solution to your existing payment gateway to attract more customers. With our white label offering, the credit of our advanced technology will belong to your brand name alone.

An end to chargebacks

Crypto payments provide security against chargebacks for which your merchants will appreciate, making all payments permanent.


Increased customer base

With over 150 million crypto customers, this new service offering will expand your customer base and increase your profits substantially.


White label offering

Allow CryptoMatix trusted crypto payment solution to benefit your business without doing the heavy lifting in creating and researching to prepare your own crypto payment solution.
Use our white-label service to provide your merchants with the most advanced technology in crypto payments, all the while receiving full credit for the service offering by inserting your own brand name on the service.


Fully Compliant and Secure

CryptoMatix is fully compliant with all international security standards, guaranteeing the eradication of fraud for all transactions processed using our white-label crypto payment solution.

How it works:

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    Utilise CryptoMatix advanced technology for simple integration on your payment gateway, with our white-label solution, giving your brand the credit for this added service.

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    Crypto payment processing

    Merchants will appreciate this seamless payment process, which also eliminates all chargebacks.

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    Inform merchants

    Offering this new crypto payment option helps build a greater relationship with your current merchants as well as attracts new customers.

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    Local currency settlement

    Volatility risk is removed since settlements are made in local currency.
    Our charge rate is a competitive flat rate of 0.8%, and we support all major currencies.

Flexible Settlement Process

  • Merchant Settlements

We settle payments directly to your merchant’s bank account in local currency.

  • PSP Settlements

We settle merchants’ payments directly into your local bank account in local currency.

Customised Payment Gateway

  • Your PSP company can customise all elements of your gateway, which include: —

    • Notifications
    • Dashboards
    • Reports

    You receive the credit for this technology 

    With our white-label solution for your crypto payment offering, your own brand name is attached to the service, showing your merchants this value-added service your PSP offers.